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Vintage Post Bus

The post bus dating back to the fifties travels back and forth between Steyr, Christkindl, Garsten and Gleink.

A specialty of the town of is the Old-timer Steyr bus. The travelling time in each case is 15 minutes. The chauffeurs, wearing traditional uniforms, will cancel your tickets with ticket punchers that are highly sought after collectors’ items. Both on arrival and departure the famous three tone bugle will sound. At the bus stop Stadtplatz/Marienkirche there is a letter box. Letters posted here will be forwarded via the Christkindl post office.

Oldtimer bus to hire
available all year round, except on Advent weekends.


Tickets Christkindl and Garsten
€ 4.- one-way
€ 6.- round-trip

€ 3.- one-way
€ 4.- round-trip

Opening hours

Fahrplan folgt!

27.11. - 30.12.2020 | 10.00 - 17.00 Uhr | Änderungen vorbehalten!


Mr. Gerhard Wimmer

Hubgergutstraße 1

4400 Steyr

+43 7252 53388 10

+43 7252 53388 20


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