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BMW Group Werk Steyr

Discover the BMW success story

In the Steyr BMW factory engines have been produced since 1982 - at present about two thirds of all BMW engines. The Upper Austrian factory is not only an important partner within the worldwide production network of the BMW group but also a significant centre of research and development - Steyr is home to the competency centre for BMW diesel engine development.

The BMW Motoren GmbH is Austria's leading automotive industry export plant and one of the country's most attractive employers, providing work for about 2,500 employees.

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www.bmw-werk-steyr.at !
BMW Motoren GmbH
A- 4400 Steyr, Hinterbergerstrasse 2
Tel.: +43 (0)7252 888 - 2276
Fax.: +43 (0)7252 888 - 62276


8.- per person

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