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Moonlight baking

The master baker has lit the fire in the wood-fired baking oven.

By moonlight, you will bake your own flatbread in the romantic Steyrdorf and listen to stories about the “invention” of bread, about the “Bäckernazl” and “Brotsitzer” all the way up to the present-day highly skilled craft of bread baking. As early as1674 there were already seven bakeries in the Steyrdorf. Today the wood-fired bread is made only with rye and spelt flour as well as our famous Steyr water.

For groups:
Any time (after 7:00 pm), advance booking required.
Duration: approx. 1.5 hours
Guide € 290.- for groups of up to 12 people

Tip: Combine a nightwatchman tour & moonlight baking
Bäckernazl in the Steyrer Kripperl, flat bread and pastry from the wood oven, Michaelerkeller by lantern light and medieval musicians accompanied by the Steyr nightwatchmen

Bäckermeister Fröhlich
Kirchengasse 20
A-4400 Steyr
Tel. +43 7252 710 35
Fax +43 7252  81610


Price: € 290.-- for groups of up to 12 people

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