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Christkindl Region

Could anything be more beautiful than a visit to the town where the “Christkindl” resides, where age-old traditions come to life again? The Christkindl Pilgrimage Place with its world-famous post office, whose staff answers more than 2 million letters including many sent by children every year, is but one of the many Christmas attractions offered in the Christkindl Region.

Old customs and traditions play a central role in Steyr. In the 1st Austrian Christmas Museum more than 14,000 Christmas decorations dating back to the years between 1830 – 1930 are on display, a vintage post bus dating back to the 1950s travels between Steyr and Christkindl and fascinating nativity scene exhibitions display nail maker nativity scenes typical of the region. On the third Advent weekend, sparks fly spectacularly from open fires during the festive Blacksmith Christmas Market.
Truly unique is the Steyr Kripperl, one of Europe’s last stick puppet theatres still performing.

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