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Steyr nativity scenes and the tales they tell

Can you imagine Christmas in our part of the world without a nativity scene? So many ways to portray the birth of Jesus with Joseph and Mary, the ox and the donkey. Join the Steyr Austria Guides in their round tour “Steyr nativity scenes and the tales they tell”, visit some interesting exhibitions and while enjoying the stories learn about the distinctive features of the various nativity scenes and the art of nail making.
The Steyr Christkindl Region has longstanding iron traditions going back to the Middle Ages when it was already being processed and traded in the region. In those days the winter months meant a meagre life for nail makers but they could earn some extra money by building nativity scenes. Small fired clay figurines (“Loahmmandln”) were lovingly painted, positioned on a nativity scene mountain and placed in wooden boxes that were closed off with a protective glass pane. That’s how wooden box nativity scenes, also called nail maker nativity scenes, typical of our region came into being.
Nativity scene stations during the round tour:
Wooden nativity scene in the Town Hall inner courtyard, nativity scene tree in the Stadtplatz Square, Lamberg nativity scene figurines in the Palm House in the castle park and a replica of the Steyr Kripperl in the christmas museum.

Experience-packed walking tour for groups readily available at a time of your choice from 22 November 2019 to 6 January 2020.

Duration 2 hours
Price € 115.- for groups of max. 30 people, advance booking required
Language: German, English, Italian, French and Czech. Price € 120.- (other languages)

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