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Nightwatchman Dine-around (groups)

Culinary walk with the Steyr night watchmen to surprise destinations!

From the tip of the tower down to the lowest cellar

1 - Champagne reception at the night watchmen restaurant | around 6.00 pm
Two night watchmen in traditional clothing carrying a halberd and lantern await the guests at the nightwatchman restaurant, singing the famous Austrian night watchman song ”Alle meine liabn Herrn und Frauen, lasst Euch sagn:...”. They accompany the group on the night watchman Dinearound through the eventful past of the medieval Romantic Town of Steyr.

2 - Climb to the top of the parish church spire | around 6.20 pm
with breathtaking view of the old town, 228 steps

3 - Appetizers at the Steyr nativity scene | around 7.00 pm
Presentation of medieval craftsmen’s scenes by the oldest still performing stick puppet theatre (since 1850), 455 puppets, Steyr dialect, duration approx. 10 min.

4 - ”Steyrdorf soup” by candlelight | around 8.00 pm
at the Michaelerkeller 2-storey vaulted cellar dating back to the 15th/16th century, barrel vaulted halls, cobble stones, former wine cellar of the St. Michael’s church, presentation of the oldest existing film material about Steyr, Steyr-lanterns to take home, medieval musicians

or at the Dunklhof 60 white lanterns will illuminate the courtyard and the 16th century arcade walk, romantic 15th century townsman’s home, if the weather is bad: Michaelerkeller only.

5 - Main course and dessert at a night watchmen restaurant | around 8.45 pm
after the night watchmen have taken their leave


max. 2 groups of 30 persons each at the same time
Any time, advance booking required

3,5 hours

Steyr Night Watchmen New Year´s Eve

Steyr Night Watchmen New Year´s Eve 31 Dec 2019


Steyr am Nationalpark
Stadtplatz 27, 4402 Steyr
phone +43 7252 532290
fax +43 7252 53229 15
info@steyr.info, www.steyr.info


Services tourist board from € 353,-  incl. 20 % VAT per group (max. 30 persons):
Nigth watchmen guides € 115,-  per night watchman
Foreign language surcharge € 15,-  per night watchman
Use of parish church spire € 30,-
Short nativity scene performance € 72,-
Michaelerkeller or Dunklhof rental € 100,-
Organisation Michaelerkeller or Dunkelhof € 36,-
Medieval musicians € 54,-  per musician
Steyr lanterns to take home € 3,20  per lantern /person
Vintage post bus transfer one way/return from € 200,-  (Christkindlwirt, Eckhard, Mayr)

+ Services night watchmen restaurant  from € 30.00 incl. 10% VAT per Person:
Champagne reception
Appetizers and mineral water at the “Kripperl” + service
Soup and drinks at the Michaelerkeller or Dunklhof + service
Main course and dessert at the restaurant  menu suggestions

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