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Cycling Fun in Steyr near the National Park

Choose your bike route from the routes in and around Steyr described below: (the relevant maps are available at our office)

Out and About Through the Countryside – Bike Route into the Land of our Farmers
Bike roundtrip leading right through the agrarian districts surrounding Steyr. past impressive square farmsteads and glowing poppy and rapeseed fields, with spectacular views of the countryside.
Far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can find regional dishes and delicacies at the country inns, cider taverns and farmsteads along the route.
You can choose between two routes – Route East covers 32 km, Route West 50 km

Upper Austrian Ennstal Bike Route
Point of departure: Altenmarkt
Total distance: 66 km, duration: 3 to 5 h
Route: Altenmarkt (2.5 km) Kleinreifling (3.2 km) Weyer (10 km) Grossraming (9 km) Reichraming (6 km) Losenstein (6.5 km) Trattenbach (2.5 km) Ternberg (12 km) Garsten (4 km) Steyr
The route includes short uphill stretches. Through to Trattenbach, the bike route leads along public roads with little traffic. From Trattenbach the Ennstal bike track is only open to cyclists and resident traffic.
TIP: When in Trattenbach, visit the “Valley of Feitel Makers”: a 1.5 km long theme trail along the Trattenbach, with demonstration shops and old workshops, as well as an artistically designed museum, tells of the history and origins of the famous Trattenbach pocket knife.

Steyrtal Bike Route
Point of departure: Museumsbahnhof Grünburg or Steyr
Distance from Grünburg: 24 km (from Steyr additionally 17 km)
Route: Grünburg Station (3.7 km) Haunoldmühle (8.7 km) Leonstein Castle (12.3 km) Molln (National Park Centre 18.8 km) Jugendstilkraftwerk power station Steyrdurchbruch (20.2 km) Frauenstein Pilgrimage Church (24 km) Klaus Station (Klaus Lake Leisure Centre)
Very level route along the Steyr River, the entire route remote from roads, may be lengthened by travelling along one of various alternative return routes through side valleys with interesting landscapes.
TIP: Explore the life of the hammer masters during a visit to the Scythe Maker Ensemble Schmiedleithen in Leonstein. Beautiful manor houses, former blacksmith houses await you,...

Hintergebirge Bike Route
Point of departure: Reichraming Staion
Distance: 31 km, elevation gain: 490 m, duration: 2 to 3 hours (roundtrip route over the Hirschkogelsattel 46 km and 522 m elevation gain)
Reichraming Station – Anzenbachschranken – Grosse Klause – Triftsteig – Mooshöhe – Unterlaussa (roundtrip route over Hirschkogelsattel – Brunnbach – Anzenbachschranken)
Impressive, family-friendly bike route along the line of the former forest train. Its hardly noticeable climb along the first 20 kilometres guarantees a relaxing return trip.
Combination possibilities: Anlaufalm (622m elevation gain), Ebenforstalm (650 m elevation gain)
TIP: Stop at the “Grosse Klaushütte“ cabin


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