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Step by step… Pilgrimages in Steyr

ganzjährig buchbar, ab 21 Personen

possible all year round, bookable as of 21 persons

1st day
Arrival and check-in into booked hotel
In the afternoon a guide awaits to lead you through medieval Steyr. He will tell you some interesting facts about the town, particularly about our churches – the Marienkirche Church in the Stadtplatz Square, the Michaelerkirche Church and the parish church. Including climb up to the top of the parish church spire – magnificent view guaranteed!

2nd day
Today you’ll cover part of the Upper Austrian Mariazellerweg trail hiking from Steyr to Maria Neustift. Starting from the Stadtplatz Square in Steyr (310m) the tour first leads to St. Ulrich (approx. 4km), then past the Schober Inn going steeply up to the top of the Damberg Mountain (807m, observation platform), from there down to Wolfsgrub, over the Plattenberg Mountain to Spadenberg and finally over the Geierkogel Mountain and past the Glasner Hütte cabin to Maria Neustift (613m).
In Maria Neustift a magnificent gothic pilgrimage church awaits you which was first mentioned in a document in 1124 and houses a magnificent grace altar dedicated to “Mary, healer of the sick”.
In total 31km, approx. 8 h

3rd day
In the afternoon, together with our pilgrimage guides, you’ll follow in the footsteps of Ferdinand Sertl after whose recovery from epilepsy the Christkindl Pilgrimage Church was built.
In 1695 the seriously ill tower warden and band master placed a waxen figurine of baby Jesus into the hollow of a fir tree. He returned to the place several times a week to pray. After he was healed of epilepsy, so many pilgrimages followed his example that a church had to be built. It was fittingly dedicated “To the Christ Child under the heavens”.
Starting at the Pilgrimage Church you’ll first walk to Garsten (walking time approx. 1 h) where Anselm Angerer, builder of the Christkindl Church, was the abbot of the Benedictine Monastery. There you can take a rest listening to the sound of the new organ being played in the former monastery church. The trail then continues along the Enns River to the parish church in Steyr where Ferdinand Sertl held the position of band master (walking time approx. 50 min) – prayers in the parish church accompanied by music played by the Häusler Family Music Ensemble. The last leg of the pilgrimage leads back to Christlindl where Ferdinand Sertl was healed of epilepsy after many hours of patient praying (approx. 30 min). A short concert in the Pilgrimage Church presented by Veronika and Andreas Kelcher concludes the pilgrimage.

4th day
Return journey



  • 3 nights, half-board
  • Guided town tour incl. climb up to top of parish church spire, max. 30 pers. € 154.00
  • Guided tour Ma. Neustift Pilgrimage Church free
  • Organ player upon request as of € 45.00
  • Christkindl Pilgrimage € 10.00 p.p.

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